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Last Night.....


so nicole and I saw The Academy Is... last night, and they were really good. it was way fun despite not being close to the front....

I passed Siska on the street, and he said "hows it goin?" and i like screamed "GOOD!!!!!"

Then the concert. and furry boots girls was there.

Then we left a little early in during hidden in plain view, sorry kati.

then we got to nicoles car, where we found the FUCKING BATTERY DIED.

then we called triple A.

then he jumped the battery, and said ohhh, but your alternator is DEAD.


called our friends to make an hour drive to come get us.

called "honda care"

tow truck came

driving in the tow truck i see butcher and tom.

i yell "I LOVE YOU BUTCHER AND TOM!!!" and they turn around and wave, and the tow truck driver honks.


waited for our friends to come. were scared by homeless men.

starved, because my last meal was at a bag of chips at 12. cool.

friends came, looked for place to put the car key. couldnt find it. went home.


woke up.

typed this.

---i didnt even get to meet any of em. or get really good pics. shoot.
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